Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bad Day For Guys Named Harbaugh

It will be the Patriots vs. the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. The Patriots are an early 3 1/2 point favorite.

Tough losses for both Harbaugh coaches today. Kyle Williams, meet Billy Cundiff.

The hype will go into interstellar overdrive for this one, a rematch of the championship game of four years ago. It's also the Jets fan's worst nightmare all over again.

You know the media (for two weeks, ugh) will play up the Boston vs. New York thing ad nauseum. (Funny that neither team plays in either city. It's really the Northern New Jersey vs. Southern Massachusetts rivalry, I guess.)

I just hope I'll see the Minnesota Vikings in another Super Bowl before I die.

It's now 35 years and counting.

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