Friday, September 16, 2011

There Goes The 100-Win Season

For the 65th consecutive season, the Red Sox will not win 100 games. At one point in mid-August, the 100 win total in the regular season really looked attainable. So much for that. They are now 86-63, with 13 games to play.

Another brutal loss in this September slide, 9-2 to Tampa Bay. The Sox have lost 7 of 8, and 12 of 16 since their doubleheader win over Oakland at the end of August.

I'm glad I witnessed none of it, as I was filming a movie in Times Square last night, and got all the bad news on my cell phone.

And the same deal again for today. Back to midtown later tonight, and hoping for better news with Josh Beckett on the mound.

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