Friday, September 09, 2011

Lackey: Completely, Utterly, Totally Useless

How much more of this nonsense can Red Sox Nation stand?

John Lackey is the worst starting pitcher in baseball, bar none.

Don't be fooled by the 12 wins. The ERA of 6.30 is far more telling.

He is garbage. Plain and simple.

The Sox are on the hook for $45 million for this stiff over the next three years.

It is Theo Epstein's worst free agent signing. One of the worst FA signings in MLB history. And it was on display for the whole world to see on Friday night. He put the Sox in a 5-0 hole after three innings, and they were dead.

Release him after the season and eat the $45 million, Theo. For all our sakes. Does anyone with a rooting interest in the Boston Red Sox want to see this overpaid has-been with a baseball in his hand this October?

And now the Red Sox are letting Tampa Bay back in the Wild Card race, as the bats were silent once again, and the hopes fall on the right arm of Kyle Weiland on Saturday night.

Three-fifths of the current rotation is Tim Wakefield, Andrew Miller and Lackey.

This is not good.

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