Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now We Are All Blue Jays Fans

The Toronto Blue Jays will have a big say in who gets the Wild Card in the AL.

They take on the L.A. Angels tonight in Toronto, and the Angels are now looming dangerously in the race, as they have caught up to Tampa Bay and trail the Red Sox by 2 1/2 games.

L.A. goes home to play Oakland over the weekend and then Texas next week.

Toronto then hits the road to play the Rays in St. Pete for three this weekend.

BTW, you might be wondering about ties when it comes to the AL Wild Card. If the Sox and Rays are tied, they will play a one-game playoff in St. Pete on September 30. If the Sox and Angels are tied, they play the game in Boston. (Both are determined by head-to-head matchup.) If it's Tampa Bay and L.A., it will come down to best record in their respective division matchups, as they split their head-to-head matchup. (Both teams have games inside their divisions, so it hasn't been determined yet.)

A three-way tie? What a mess that will be, and MLB will have a drawing to designate the three teams: "Team A" "Team B" and "Team C." B would be at A on September 29, and then that winner would play at C the next day to get a Wild Card winner.

Let's Go Jays!

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chris L. said...

All this negativity, "doom and gloom" etc. from RS nation. Why can't we focus on the positive-Matt Kenseth and Roush Fenway racing expect a HUGE effort at the Sylvania 300 on Sat.... Stay tuned.

Was it the 1990's that Wakefield was last a good pitcher ? How the hell did he amass 200 wins ? Are Pony League victories considered in that total ? Granted , he is apparently a "great guy" but he has been a terrible pitcher for a long time now.

Is the John Lackey signing the worst free agent signing in Red Sox history ? It seems that of his approx. 70 starts as a Red Sox he has been hit hard in 60 of them. I would prefer Matt Clement or Steve Avery on a bad day over Lackey on an average day. I'd have more confidence in Jose Offerman throwing a "quality start" then Lackey. AJ Burnett is considered a bust in NY. He is twice as good as Lackey.
Despite has serious under performance at bat watching D Mac and Josh Reddick make each fly ball an adventure JD Drew's defense is sorely missed.

Was K. Weiland's last effective outing against Marquette or Seton Hall ?

Somebody should stuff a bloody sock in Schilling's mouth.

Hope all is well John- best, Chris