Saturday, September 03, 2011

From The Bottom Of My Heart: Thank You

I want to thank all of you who donated to my 5K run, the WTC "Run to Remember" in memory of the 9/11 victims that will happen on Sunday morning on Governor's Island. I beat my goal and went over it. Thank you so much.

I'm looking to the run, the third one I have done at the island. It's fun, but really tiring, as I'm no professional runner! It's a race but I will come nowhere near the winners. Just taking part and finishing is gratifying for me. (But I hope I beat my time from last year, which was just under 35 minutes.) I've got my iPod all set and I'm ready to go. And it is some magnificent view of Manhattan from the island and we run the course.

It's not too late to donate (it ends tomorrow). If you'd like to, just check the right side of this blog and follow the directions to do it by clicking the box.

I am running for the Voices of September 11th, a wonderful group that supports the families of the 9/11 victims. I am proud to do so, and every penny I raise will go to them.

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