Saturday, July 02, 2011

Watch Out For Flying Bricks, "Buck"

The New York Daily News has a story of a bar owner in New Brunswick, NJ who decided to change his bar name to "Buck Foston's" (clever, huh?) and apparently he's in a tussle with the mayor, who as it turns out is a Red Sox fan.

The bar owner, Larry Blatterfein, claims that the liquor license is being held up because the mayor, James Cahill, is offended, but the mayor says that the guy hasn't gotten a proper tax clearance under New Jersey state law.

Here's more from the Daily News.

Whatever the reason for the holdup, the bar owner should rethink calling his bar "Buck Foston's." I've been in many good sports bars, and they all have one thing in common: the bar name had nothing to do with the team (such as Professor Thom's, The Riviera, Pat O'Brien's, and The Hairy Monk, for example). And going the "anti" route for a bar name is just asking for trouble. There are thousands of Red Sox and other Boston fans in northern New Jersey. Most will just avoid the place, but others will look at it as an act of war.

And you add alcohol into the mix? There will be blood.

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