Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Thud Out of The Gate To Start The Second Half

I missed last night's second half opener, as I was attending my cousin's wedding reception in Manhattan (Congrats Tim and Danielle!), but every time I checked my cell for scores the news was very ungood.

Andrew Miller got lit up early, despite the Red Sox hitting four home runs of their own. Ben Zobrist's grand slam in the second put the Rays out front to stay. Allan at Joy of Sox points out that Miller has faced the last 49 batters without striking anyone out. Amazing.

The Tropicana Dome continues to be a House of Horrors for the Red Sox, as they've lost 22 of their last 32 in that place.

The Red Sox did nothing with runs in scoring position, and three of the four home runs they hit were solo shots. They struck out 11 times, and the pitching staff walked 7. Not exactly a winning combination.

The Yankees loss in Toronto keeps the Red Sox in first by 1 1/2 games.

Today, the Red Sox play the Rays at 4 PM, but since it was hijacked by the Fox network, we in New York will be seeing the Phillies-Mets game instead. Second straight day of no Sox for me. Thanks for ruining baseball, Fox.

But then again, John Lackey is pitching for the Red Sox today...

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