Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waste, Waste, Waste

When I heard Don Orsillo say that the rain began falling in the bottom of the 13th and that John Lackey had picked up a glove and was ready to go if needed, all I could think to myself was: The Sox better win it here right now.

They didn't. Wasted yet another golden opportunity with first and third and one out.

When you have to rely on guys like Yamaico Navarro and Randy Williams deep in extra innings, things won't end well.

And they didn't. Williams gave up 2 runs in the 14th to hand Kansas City the win.

The Sox simply wasted opportunity after opportunity. The Carl Crawford of last April made an unwelcome return appearance, coming up twice with shots to win it and striking out both times. The worst was the 12th, when Marco Scutaro singlehandedly f**ked up the bottom of the inning, as he missed the squeeze bunt sign and Josh Reddick was hung out to dry. (I simply can't remember the last time Terry Francona squeeze bunted. I hate it, and it should only be tried with an excellent bunter.) And if that wasn't bad enough, Scutaro ran the Sox out of the inning by trying to extend a single into a double.

And for good measure, he made the last out in the 14th as the tying run by striking out looking. Terrific.

The only good thing about extra innings tonight was Jerry Remy doing his "homer" act he rarely ever does. Very funny, and it shows what morons real-life homers like Hawk Harrelson truly are.

These are the losses to lousy teams that make me insane. I'm going to bed.


Peter N said...

I fell asleep watching the game and woke up at 1:28am to find the game on. I turned of the TV and shifted to the bedside radio and listened, hoping I would be able to get back to sleep. MISTAKE!! I heard the ending and I was half asleep and half fuming. But hey, we've been doing great, Jon Lester looked really great and I've turned the page.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Best part of the night was Lester, Peter. Looked strong for 5 1/3 innings. Shrug this one off and come out swinging on Tuesday.