Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Runaway Freight Train

That would be a good description of the Boston Red Sox right now, as they totally dismantled the Blue Jays today, 16-4, in Toronto.

It was a good day to score a lot of runs, as John Lackey took the mound. But he wasn't bad at all. He allowed four runs in six innings, while striking out eight.

So, how much of a slaughter was this?

-Every Red Sox starter drove in at least one run. And scored at least one run (except for Jed Lowrie).

-Jason Varitek and David Ortiz both hit three run shots. In the 6th inning.
-Six Red Sox starters scored at least two runs.
-Six Red Sox starters had at least two hits.
-The Red Sox batted around twice.
-J.D. Drew, the number 8 hitter, batted six times.
-Kevin Youkilis and Jarrod Saltalamacchia did not play.
-Mike McCoy, Blue Jays infielder, pitched the ninth inning (and retired the Sox 1-2-3).

18 hits for the Red Sox today, and they have now won eight straight. Before the road trip started, I was hoping the Red Sox could win 5 of the 9 games in New York, Toronto and Tampa Bay. They can now do no worse than that, as they are 5-0 on the trip.

New York beat the Indians again (are they falling to earth with a loud thud or what?), so the Sox continue to lead by two games.

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