Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Night of Trivia Debuts On Wednesday

I'm proud to say that my second Trivia Night will begin tomorrow night, June 22nd, at 8 PM at Josie Wood's, a bar located at 11 Waverly Place, right off the corner of Mercer Street, one block west of Broadway.

I'm really excited about doing a Wednesday Night Trivia, and it will be slightly different from the Trivia I do at Professor Thom's. There will be four categories instead of five. There will be the old favorites General Knowledge and IQ Trivia, and the other two categories will be on a rotation basis as we start. This week we will be doing "Music Trivia" and "Movie Trivia" as those two.

IQ Trivia will be just like Thom's, as it will conclude the night, with five difficult questions worth 20 points. The other three categories will all be ten questions. General Knowledge will be a 15 point round, with the first six questions worth a point, the next three worth two points, and one final question worth three.

We will be giving out prizes on the night, still to be determined as I write this. We will also be giving away a free pitcher of beer to the best team name.

I will be putting up the Sneak Peek question up here along with the two rotating categories every Tuesday. The opening week's Sneak Peek question is:

The island of Malta can be found in what sea?

And for those of you wondering, NONE of the questions I do at Professor Thom's on Tuesday night will be used the next night at Josie Wood's!

I hope you can come out and join me at Josie Wood's on Wednesday night at 8 PM. It's a nice bar smack in the middle of the NYU community, and I hope it will be as much fun as Thom's Trivia Night is!

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