Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nothing To See Here Folks. Move Along.

It got ugly in a hurry at Fenway on Tuesday night, and just when I started to think Alfredo Aceves might possibly have some future as a fifth starter. Silly me.

I had Trivia Night to distract me a bit, but 10-1 became 10-7 in the last two innings, and the Red Sox nearly got the tying run to the plate. Crap.

The Sox go into Cleveland and Detroit last week, the AL Central's two best clubs, and take 5 of 7 and look awfully impressive doing it.

This week they host the going-nowhere-fast White Sox at Fenway and drop the series to them, and are looking down the barrels of a sweep on Wednesday afternoon.

I'll figure out baseball one of these days.

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