Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vikings-Eagles Postponed Until Tuesday

The wacky 2010 season of Minnesota Vikings football just took another crazy turn when the NFL postponed tonight's game in Philadelphia with the Eagles due to the heavy snow hitting the Philadelphia area today.

The snow worked against the Vikings again, just not in Minnesota this time.

It's the second time the Vikings have had a game postponed, after the roof collapse of the Metrodome a couple of weeks ago. The game has been moved to Tuesday, and this won't give the Eagles or Vikings much time to prepare for their regular season finales of January 2nd.

But why Tuesday night and not Monday? The storm should be over in Philly by midday Monday, but I can only guess that the NFL doesn't want to schedule two nationally televised games at the same time on Monday. (Remember that the makeup of the Vikings-Giants game two weeks ago was only seen in the home markets of both clubs.)

And speaking of playing football outdoors in the snow, the Vikings are exploring the 2011 season at TCF Bank Stadium, according to ESPN.

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