Sunday, December 05, 2010

Just On Hold, Or Over?

Just when it looked like the Red Sox were pulling the trigger on a great blockbuster deal that would benefit the team long term, a monkey wrench gets thrown into the works.

The deadline to sign Adrian Gonzalez came and went this afternoon, and no contract extension was agreed upon.

Oh brother.

No one in the Red Sox camp is saying anything official about this. The deal could still happen at the Winter Meetings, as it could be re-worked with other prospects and the Sox could take a chance on getting an extension with Gonzalez done before he turns free agent after 2011.

From what I have been able to piece together, Gonzalez and his agent were looking for a contract similar to what Mark Teixeira got from the Yankees, and he wanted an eight-year deal. The Red Sox were rumored to be only looking to go as high as six.

Here's more from Comcast SportsNet New England.

Yeah, I'm annoyed by all this. It doesn't make the Red Sox and their brass look good at all, and there will be an enormous fan backlash should the trade ultimately die. But it doesn't sound like it is completely off. This should be an interesting Winter Meetings in Florida this week.

Sit tight and don't go on to any ledges, folks. This is still an unfolding story.

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