Monday, December 06, 2010

Remembering John On Tuesday

Is it really 30 years this week since John Lennon was taken from us? Yes, unfortunately it is. But we will remember John and the impact his music left in this world with a special edition of "In Q's iPod" on Tuesday night for the Q Train lightning round. We will play 10 songs, and five will be solo John songs, and five will be Beatles tracks. You'll have to tell me which is which.

The Special Category for this Tuesday will be the December edition of "Q Are You?", where I give you clues to the identity of seven celebrities and you have to tell who I'm talking about.

This week's Sneak Peek question is:
Pierre Trudeau was once prime minister of what country?

We get rolling at 9 PM, and I hope many of you can come out and have what should be a fun night of Trivia.

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