Monday, December 13, 2010

297. And Done.

Whether you like Brett Favre or can't stand the sight of him, history was made on Monday night when Favre was inactive for the game with the Giants, thus ending his consecutive game streak at 297 games. It was big news when Lou Gehrig's streak ended, and when Cal Ripken's streak ended, too. So this is a big deal, too. My congratulations to him.

And like Gehrig in 1939, his record streak ended in Detroit.

It's an incredible record, one that may never be broken. He began the streak 18 years ago, on September 27, 1992. And the position he plays makes it an even more incredible record that just concluded.

The Brett Favre Era is now over. I wouldn't be surprised if he never takes another snap again.

Yes, there was a football game in Detroit. It would have been nice if the Vikings had bothered to show up for it. They lost 21-3, and are now 5-8, and are officially eliminated from the 2010 playoffs.

I have been a Minnesota Vikings fan for 38 years and this was simply one of the worst efforts I have ever seen them give. Take nothing away from the Giants. They deserved to win. But Tarvaris Jackson is not a starting NFL quarterback. He's a free agent after the season, and I pray the Vikings don't have any silly ideas about bringing him back next season.

Their number one draft pick in 2011 BETTER be a quarterback.

It's just not a happy time to be a Vikings fan. 2010 can't end fast enough.

Bring on the baseball season.

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