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Trivia Q&A: February 23

Trivia Night made a triumphant return on Tuesday night, and we had 17 teams take part. It was nice to see so many regulars who were back after that unfortunate three-week hiatus. The strains of "Welcome Back" by John Sebastian filled the air as I got Trivia Night underway.

The scores were rather low for the first two rounds, and for "All or Nothing Trivia" just six teams got all ten correct. It was a close night all around, and it was appropriate that one of the regular teams, Your Mother's a Whore, Woolery, wound up the winners. They had a terrific IQ round and came back from sixth place to pull out a one-point victory. Congratulations, guys.

I can't put into words how much it means to me to see such a nice turnout on Tuesday night, especially so many of the regulars who turned out on a rotten rainy night. You're the best.

Current Events
1. Laura Chinchilla of the National Liberation Party recently became the first female president of this Latin American country.
2. Charlie Wilson, a 12-time Democratic congressman from this state and who Tom Hanks portrayed in the film "Charlie Wilson's War," died recently at the age of 77.
3. The UK television company ITV were fined nearly $3000 after an incident occurred on the show "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" where two celebrities caught this type of animal, killed it and ate it on TV.
4. BMW Oracle Racing of the US recently won the America's Cup, the famous yacht race, over Alinghi, from this European country, in Valencia, Spain.
5. Walter Morrison passed away at the age of 90 recently. What famous toy invention of his made him world famous?
6. Last week, this film director was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he was deemed to be "too fat," and was put on another flight.
7. This country stopped issuing visas to citizens of 25 Europeans nations last week after Switzerland blacklisted 188 officials of that nation.

Answers: 1. Costa Rica; 2. Texas; 3. rat; 4. Switzerland; 5. frisbee; 6. Kevin Smith; 7. Libya.

Q Are You?
1. This man was born in Richmond, VA in 1937. He is an actor, director, producer and screenwriter and has been nominated for Best Actor a number of times, but won his only Oscar as Best Director in 1981.
2. This man was born in Long Branch, NJ in 1949. He has 20 Grammy Awards in his storied music career, but has also won two Golden Globe awards, and Emmy award and an Oscar.
3. This man was born in Pensacola, FL in 1969. He holds career NFL records in rushing, TDs, was an 8-time Pro Bowler and was the NFL MVP in 1993.
4. This woman was born in Arlington, VA in 1964. As of 2009, her films have grossed more than $3 billion worldwide, she's been nominated for the Golden Globes four times as Best Actress, winning once and has been nominated for the Best Actress Oscar once.
5. This man was born in New York City in 1952. He is a widely respected sportscaster, has announced all four major American sports and the Olympic Games, and has hosted series on NBC and HBO.
6. This woman was born in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1959. She is the most successful solo female artist in British history, selling over 50 million albums worldwide and recently released her sixth studio album in the last 25 years.
7. This man was born in Spring, TX in 1980. He was won the World Series MVP, LCS MVP, has been a 20-game winner as a pitcher, a two-time All-Star and won the World Series in both leagues.

Answers: 1. Warren Beatty; 2. Bruce Springsteen; 3. Emmitt Smith; 4. Sandra Bullock; 5. Bob Costas; 6. Sade; 7. Josh Beckett.

All or Nothing Trivia ("The Q Train")
1. This city was the first capital of the United States.
2. Harry Truman was vice-president under this president.
3. Springfield is the capital of this US state.
4. How many total members of the US Senate are there?
5. What is the first book of the Old Testament?
6. The Buffalo Bills have won this many Super Bowls.
7. What country is the Taj Mahal located in?
8. What is the largest continent by population?
9. What state is known as The Sunshine State?
10. What year was the American Bicentennial celebrated in?

Answers: 1. New York City; 2. FDR; 3. Illinois; 4. 100; 5. Genesis; 6. zero; 7. India; 8. Asia; 9. Florida; 10. 1976.

General Knowledge
1. What 1869 work by Leo Tolstoy is over 1400 pages? ( 1 pt)
2. What is the US postal abbreviation for Alaska? ( 1 pt)
3. Who succeeded Walter Alston as Los Angeles Dodgers manager in 1976 and managed the club for nearly 20 years? ( 1 pt)
4. WWW.DHS.GOV is what cabinet department's official web site? ( 2 pt)
5. Andy Warhol made an 8-hour film of one facade of what NYC landmark? ( 2 pt)
6. What word, derived from a woman's name, is Yiddish for a "gossip woman?" (2 pt)
7. In which state will you find the Will Rogers Memorial, where he is buried? ( 3 pt)

Answers: 1. "War and Peace;" 2. AK; 3. Tommy Lasorda; 4. Homeland Security; 5. Empire State Building; 6. yenta; 7. Oklahoma.

IQ Trivia
1. What popular standup comic of the 1980s was killed in a car accident in 1992? ( 3 points)
2. What Latin American country's national currency is named in honor of the colorful bird, the quetzel? ( 4 points)
3. What TV show theme song was "Thank You For Being a Friend?" ( 4 points)
4. What US state's motto is "United we stand, divided we fall?" ( 4 points)
5. What victorious 19th century US president was the first man to receive one million votes in his election? ( 5 points)

Answers: 1. Sam Kinison; 2. Guatemala; 3. "The Golden Girls;" 4. Kentucky; 5. William Henry Harrison.

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