Monday, February 22, 2010

I Still Believe In Miracles

They had no chance. Or so the world believed. Russians professionals against American college kids.

It was 30 years ago today that the US Olympic Hockey Team pulled off the biggest upset in sports history by beating the Russians, 4-3, at Lake Placid. I can still remember watching the game on TV, and it still gives me chills all these years later. It is a moment that will live forever, as no other upset in sports will ever match this (especially since the Olympics brought in all pro hockey players a decade ago).

The U.S. beat Finland two days later to win the gold medal. BTW, Terry Francona played the Kurt Russell film "Miracle", the film based on these events, to the Red Sox prior to Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. I think we know how that worked out.

So here is a five minute clip of the greatest moment in sports history. (The Red Sox 2004 comeback is a close second.)


Suldog said...

Sox are #1 for me, but yours is a valid choice, to be sure.

Watching the US - Canada match last night, I was reminded of what a huge hairy deal it was to beat the Russians back then, and how little this current game compared to that in terms of excitement. Sure, it was nice that the USA team won, but they're all pros and so are the Canadians. Hard to imagine a scenario like that of 1980 ever playing out again in the Olympics, in any sport.

I was also reminded of how great a goalie Tretiak was. He was possibly the best goalie of his generation, but is hardly remembered by those who only will put NHL players in consideration for such rankings.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Tretiak was not only the best in the world, Suldog, but he got pulled after the first period for allowing that "soft" goal the US scored at the buzzer to end the period. Always wondered what might have happened had that goal not been scored.

Even a US win in this Olympics could never compare to the events of 30 years ago.

Rick said...

It never gets old. You could tell Mark Johnson was fighting back the tears as he talked about it yesterday. Those last 10 minutes took forever.

When we beat the Czech's is when I remember all my high school friends and I really started to get on the bandwagon (of course the tie to Sweden also)

I had heard what the score was after 1 period when Frank Reynolds of ABC mentioned it (I was glad it was close) and then when Jim McKay was talking there was a jubilant crowd in background and you could tell he was struggling to reign in enthusiasm - I remember going we didn't win this did we? I thought maybe we tied them.


Steel36 said...

Vladmir Tretiak was the first Soviet player elected to The Hockey Hall of Fame. He is one of the greatest goalies who ever played.

The Miracle on Ice and now are totally different times. There is no comparison.

The most popular athlete in Washington DC right now is Alex Ovechkin, who was born in Moscow.

33 million Canadians are quiet today because The American hockey team beat Canada on their soil at the game they invented. Hockey is part of Canadian culture and identity. There was entitlement akin to Yankee fans.

It was some of the best hockey I have ever seen

Ryan Miller had to be the best player on either team and he was fabulous.

Thinking of The Miracle on Ice always makes me smile.

The Omnipotent Q said...

I still get chills hearing Al Michaels at the end of both the last two games.