Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Professor Thom's Situation

As some of you may know, Professor Thom's was closed on Monday, and will be for the foreseeable future.

The story is is that the City of New York changed the rules about the renewal of the liquor license without the owners knowing about it. It used to be that you just sent in a form and a check to renew. But shortly before the bar's owners got the new process going (it takes 30 days), the license officially expired on February 1st. They are working hard to get the bar back to its original status.

What this means for our Trivia Night right now is uncertain at this moment. Our next scheduled night is Tuesday night, February 9th at 9 PM. There is a possibility that we will have the Trivia Night next week but without any alcohol being served. I am writing next week's Trivia now with the idea that the night will happen, one way or the other.

I will let you all know about any changes as soon as I get them. Hang in there, everybody.


Michael Leggett said...

It involves The Community Board & their input, which means Politics as usual.

Why not give The Hairy Monk a Try with The Trivia. It is a Red Sox Nation Location.

Rick said...

Wow hope this situation gets fixed soon was actually looking forward to watching spring training games there. Let me know what happens

The Omnipotent Q said...

Does The Hairy Monk have a Trivia Night? Wouldn't mind doing it there on another night.

My first loyalty is always Thom's.

You won't have to worry about Spring Training games, Rick. The latest the bar will reopen is February 22nd.

Michael Leggett said...

Give The Monk a Shot. Great Neighbourhood Crowd & Big Red Sox/Bruins/Celtics Crowd:

Just a suggestion;

337 3rd Avenue at East 25th Street.

Peter N said...

Best of luck, Qman.