Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Drama (?) & a Look Back at 2009

Pitchers and catchers have begun reporting to Ft. Myers and at MLB camps all over Florida and Arizona, and already we have our first act in the Red Sox soap opera: Daisuke Matsuzaka has a sore back.

Well, at least the Red Sox know about this early enough, and can take appropriate action. It doesn't sound like its anything to be worried about, and it was reported that Dice-K should be fine and will have a "normal spring training."

Before we get going on 2010, my buddy Gareth sent along this video from MLB.TV of what they consider the top 5 Red Sox wins of 2009. They were Youk's game-winning HR over the MFY, the Sunday night win over them two nights later, Big Papi's game-winning blast over the White Sox, Nick Green's ninth-inning shot to beat Atlanta, and the comeback win over the Angels in September.

BTW, where was the craziest win of 2009 on this video? Namely, the comeback win in Texas in August in the ninth?


Tex said...

I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

:game dropping:

The Omnipotent Q said...

I'll never forget that photo of you in prayer mode, Tex!!

Rick said...

ah spring