Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tower Documentary in the Works

After Trivia Night ended last night, my friend Rob and I were talking about my time at Tower Records, which seems like it was a hundred years or so ago. He told me that actor Colin Hanks, Tom's son, is currently working on a documentary film project about the late beloved music chain.

He is a native of Sacramento, where the chain started in 1960. The project is still in its pre-production stage, but it would be fascinating to see what kind of film its turns out to be. Here's more about it last August from the Sacramento Bee.

I had a feeling that once Tower Records bit the dust in 2006 that someone would do something like this to honor it. Working at Tower was one of the special times of my life and I met so many great people in my six years at the Greenwich Village store.

So, Mr. Hanks, if you come across this post, drop me a line. Everyone knows me as the Media Whore, and I've got a lot of stories to tell...

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