Friday, March 13, 2009


It was three years ago today that Yours Truly began The Mighty Quinn Media Machine. I woke up the morning of March 13, 2006 and decided it was time to start blogging. I nearly started a blog back in the summer of 2005, but ultimately decided against it. I wish I had begun it then, but I'm glad I got going when I did. 1,979 posts later, here we are.

I got the name from a friend who once called me a "one-man media machine" after all the things that happened to me after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 and its aftermath (and the 9/11 attacks as well). I stuck The Mighty Quinn in front of media machine, as I've been called that nickname since I was in grammar school (and most people named Quinn have been called that at one time I suppose). So a web site name was born.

It's been great writing this site for the last three years. I've had people from the four corners of the world visit here, and I'm always amazed by some of the places that pop up: from Siberia to the South Pacific, and from Afghanistan to East Africa. It's great to know that people in places I've never been to can read my words, even if they don't know the first thing about baseball or trivia or anything else I rant about.

I am also most grateful to those of you who return here from to time to time to check out what I have to say. Many are friends of mine, and many are people I do not know who found my site and like what they saw and come back. I especially thank those of you with web sites who've been kind enough to put up a link for me. Most of this blog is dedicated to the Red Sox and baseball, but putting up the Trivia Night Q&A has brought many more people here as well.

We're three years old today and we are going to keep going and try to become bigger and better. So to celebrate the blog's birthday, here a cool way to do it. From over New York Harbor on July 4, 2007, you can't go wrong with fireworks:

Thank you so much everybody.


Suldog said...

You're really quite prolific, Q. I started about a half-year earlier, and I'm only up about 1/3 as many postings.

Congrats on the anniversary! Many More!!!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Thanks so much, Suldog, and thanks especially for being one of my blog's regulars. Very much appreciated my friend.