Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Former Sox Finding New Homes

Over the last few days, a few former Red Sox have finally found new places to call home, and for two, it's the same club. And it was two guys who were traded for each other.

Orlando Cabrera and Nomar Garciaparra both agreed to one-year contracts with the Oakland A's. OC figures to be the A's new shortstop while Nomar will get time at both first and third base. Cabrera found few takers out there as he was a Type-A free agent and will cost the A's a first-round draft pick. His deal is for $4 million.

Nomar's signing will be announced by Oakland later this week. His career has basically gone off the rails since he left Boston in 2004, mostly due to injuries, and he had been considering retirement. It's not known yet what he'll be signing for. Nomar hasn't returned to fenway yet since his departure in July 2004, and a long standing ovation should be awaiting him in his first at-bat.

And now it appears the long national nightmare involving Manny Ramirez is finally coming to an end, as he appears ready to accept the Dodgers two-year, $45 million offer. Naturally, Satan Himself, aka his agent Scott Boras, says no deal has been agreed on yet. That tells me that one is about to happen, since Ramirez is expected in Dodgers camp shortly.

And on the injury front with the Red Sox: J.D. Drew returned to Boston Monday to get a shot for his ailing back and then returned to camp the next day. (He went to Boston in a raging snowstorm to get it there? Couldn't get it taken care of at Ft. Myers? I bet this back situation of his is more serious then they are letting on.) Brad Penny's start against Puerto Rico on Thursday was pushed back, due to the Sox being cautious of his shoulder. They stopped his bullpen session Sunday at 25 pitches. There's no sense rushing him. He pitched in only nine innings after June with the Dodgers last year because of his shoulder.

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