Saturday, March 28, 2009

Red Sox vs. Yankees: 2009 Total Payroll

My friend Adam sent me an interesting email this morning about a comparison of the Red Sox and Yankees payrolls for 2009, and as you might have guessed, New York's payroll far exceeds that of the Red Sox, and every other Major League team. Their payroll will be nearly $80 million more than the Red Sox. It is broken down by position players, starters and bullpen, and the Red Sox aren't close to them any of the three areas.

Here's a rough breakdown of each team's payroll based on salaries for this year (from Cot's Baseball Contracts). The numbers don't include bonus money, incentive pay, or obligations to former players.

Boston Red Sox - $117 million
C- Jason Varitek $5 million
1B- Kevin Youkilis $6 million / Mark Kotsay $1.5 million
2B- Dustin Pedroia $1.5 million
SS- Julio Lugo $9 million / Jed Lowrie $0.414 million
3B- Mike Lowell $12 million
LF- Jason Bay $7.5 million
CF- Jacoby Ellsbury $0.4495 million
RF- JD Drew $14 million
OF- Rocco Baldelli $0.5 million
DH- David Ortiz $12.5 million
Total for position players (minus Kottaras and another bench player) = $70.3635 million
SP- Josh Beckett $10.5 million
SP- Daisuke Matsuzaka $ 8 million
SP- John Smoltz $5.5 million
SP- Brad Penny $5 million
SP- Tim Wakefield $4 million
SP- Jon Lester $1 million
Starting rotation (not counting Buchholz and Penny’s and/or Smoltz’s incentives) = $34 million
RP- Jonathan Papelbon $6.25 million
RP- Hideki Okajima $1.75 million
RP- Takashi Saito $1.5 million
RP- Javier Lopez $1.35 million
RP- Manny Delcarmen $0.476 million
RP- Junichi Tazawa $0.45 million (even though he is in the minors)
RP- Ramon Ramirez $0.441 million
RP- Justin Masterson $0.441 million
Bullpen total = $12.658

New York Yankees - $195 million

C- Jorge Posada $13.1 million / Jose Molina $2 million

1B- Mark Teixeira $20 million / Nick Swisher $5.3 million

2B- Robinson Cano $6 million

SS- Derek Jeter $20 million

3B- Alex Rodriguez $32 million / Cody Ransom $0.4551 million

LF- Johnny Damon $13 million

CF- Brett Gardner n/a

RF- Xavier Nady $6.55 million

OF- Melky Cabrera $1.4 million

DH- Hideki Matsui $13 million

Total for position players (not counting Gardner) = $132.771 million

SP- A.J. Burnett $16.5 million

SP- C.C. Sabathia $14 million

SP- Andy Pettitte $5.5 million

SP- Chien-Ming Wang $5 million

SP- Joba Chamberlain $0.4325 million

Rotation (not counting Hughes, Kennedy, or Pettitte's incentives) = $41.432 million

RP- Mariano Rivera $15 million

RP- Damaso Marte $3.75 million

RP- Brian Bruney $1.25 million

RP- Phil Coke $0.403 million

RP- Jonathan Albaladejo $0.403 million

RP- Jose Veras n/z

RP- Edwar Ramirez n/a

Bullpen (minus 2 spots) = $20.806 million


Michael Leggett said...

And Derek Jeter is NOT worth $20M, as he doesn't have any range and his power #s are way-down. He'll also be 35 Years Old this month:

As Alex(Or is he Alice)Roidriguez ages and goes without his "Supplements", will he be less-useful, like the time when Jason GiamBALCO was withdrawing from his steroid use, being reduced to a pile of jelly?

The NY Yankees-expensive and built to stay that way.

Steel36 said...

It shows the relative prudence of Theo and company. They have the possibility to spend a lot of money.

Red Sox Nation would see their team play the sisters of mercy in some parking lot and the game would get 30,000.

The plan has worked. The Red Sox have developed many of their best players. Youk, Pedie, Lester, Lowrie, Ellsbury, Papelbon, among others. Hansley Ramirez was used as trade bait to get Lowell and Beckett.

Lars Anderson is almost ready for the Show. Mike Lowell looks to be slowing down. So Youk goes to Third Base and Anderson hopefully can man First Base.

It is a long term plan. Develop
your own players and pay frugally to keep them.It also keeps your own cost down.

The least expensive

Anonymous said...

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