Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get the Earplugs Ready, Tex

Today's Boston Globe had an article about Mark Teixiera, who was on WFAN radio yesterday and felt the Red Sox hurt their chances to sign him as a free agent because they talked about their negotiations with him and Scott (Evil) Boras through the media this past winter.

But this paragraph seems to signify that Teixiera had no serious interest in coming to Boston and had New York on his radar the entire time:

Teixeira was asked specifically if the public nature of the Red Sox negotiations last winter bothered him. "It did, it did," replied Teixeira. "And I think in the end, it probably worked against them a little bit, because everyone thought the Red Sox were [my] No. 1, but in reality, the Yankees were gonna be the team, like I said all along, if all things were equal, the Yankees were the place that I wanted to go. It made the most sense for my family. It made the most sense for me and my career and where I wanted to go. Being a Yankee and wearing the pinstripes into the new Yankee Stadium, it doesn't get any better than that. They had a leg up all along."

So much for the talk that the Red Sox had "blown" this deal. Hey, players and agents have used teams to get a better deal from the team they want to go to, and Teixiera is no different. With Slappy on the sidelines for the first two months or so, Teixiera better be prepared, as he figures to get most of the abuse from the Boston faithful.

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't make. Let's hope it proves true in this case.


Michael Leggett said...

Texiera, like any Free Agent, is primarily a Businessman.

Steel36 said...

True and Boras is brilliant at getting the most $$ for his clients.

I am over that already. Lowell is entering his twilight and may have a year or two left. Lars Andersen is a good looking 1B prospect. Youk can slide over to 3B and Andersen can take 1B.