Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One More Major Country to Go

I've been always been fascinated by how people out there in Cyberspace find my blog. Many find it through Google and Google Image searches. And I always want to know where people are coming from.

It seems as though they are coming from the four corners of the world to my blog. That's the beauty of the Internet. A search, some so far off the beaten track lands people here. I get a lot of Red Sox fans naturally, but I get a lot of "Mighty Quinn" searches, all kinds of trivia searches, and also many on the other subjects I write about, such as 9/11, The Twilight Zone and autism.

People from just about every major country of the world have come here at one time or another. The UK continues to be the foreign land that most are from. But I've seen countries like Mongolia, Benin, Fiji, Estonia and Bolivia pop up as well. I'd seen Iraq, Iran, Syria and just about every other Middle Eastern hot spot here, too. A few months back I realized that there were three major countries I had never seen come up on Site Meter: Afghanistan, Cuba and North Korea.

Last fall I saw Afghanistan come up, so that lowered the list to two. I had recently heard that Internet access is very limited in both Cuba and North Korea. Not so much because of the country's hardships, but it's because both countries governments want it that way. The 'Net brings people from around the world closer together, and both nations' repressive regimes don't seem to be big fans of that.

But one of those two nations fell from the list last night. I finally saw Cuba on my Site Meter, as it was from someone who did a Google Image search that linked to a picture I had on my blog of David Ortiz from 2006. (I would guess Big Papi's a hit in baseball-crazy Cuba.)

Well, we have just North Korea left on the list. I've done a couple of questions in my Trivia Night contests about North Korea lately, so maybe someone in that strange land just may find it one day. (I wonder if Big Papi has any fans there? Just a thought.)

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