Friday, March 14, 2008

Doug Departs & We Prosper

From the moment the word got out yesterday that the Red Sox were letting Doug Mirabelli go, my Site Meter numbers started soaring. The end of the Mirabelli Era in Boston was great for this site, as Red Sox fans around the country (and especially in New England) wanted to relive the humorous post about Doug being a stuck-up, pain-in-the-ass narcissist.

And my thanks to the fine Red Sox sites Surviving Grady and Red Sox Chick who put up links to the July 2006 post.

I had over 400 hits to my site on Thursday, which is doubled what I get on a normal day. I guess the Red Sox should release Doug more often.

We also had a ton of hits from a picture of Clay Buchholz I posted here last September. I'm not exactly sure the reason why, as most readers found it off a Google Image search.

I'm pretty sure Clay isn't going anywhere. Right?


Todd said...

When I saw the news of Dougie's departure, I immediately linked to your site. It is an all time classic!

Suldog said...

No Mirabelli = No World Series. Every season since 1919 proves me right!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Todd: Thanks so much for the link you put up for me on your site. I'll put one up for you here under "Other Cool Bloggers." All the best to you...Q

Suldog: I guess the Red Sox will have to break the "Mirabelli Curse?"

sssssssss said...

The only place Clay is going is probably a VD clinic.

I'm guessing lots of folks Googled him yesterday after the story about his boinking the Penthouse Pet came out.

Good stuff here! :)

The Omnipotent Q said...

I never thought of that, Cyn. I had heard that Clay was seeing a Penthouse Pet...I hope he's careful!

Thanks for the kind words....

Jere said...

"No Mirabelli = No World Series. Every season since 1919 proves me right!"

Actually, Doug's great grandfather Otto Mirabelli was the bat boy for the 1918 Sox. Just kidding. Last two times we've won the Mayor's Cup we've gone on to win the WS. Something's gotta give!

I'm sure the Penthouse thing is why the Buchholz hits came in. Someone I know who's in MEXICO wrote me yesterday saying, "is something going on with Clay Buchholz?" I googled him to see the Penthouse stuff. I'm sure a lot of people thought, Let's see what a guy who dates a Penthouse pet looks like, and image searched him.