Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Sox Japan Trip in Jeopardy

The Red Sox were scheduled to leave for Japan after today's game with the Blue Jays, but the word came out today that the players will boycott the trip and not get on the plane today (as well as not play the final game in Florida against Toronto) unless the coaches and training staff, who are also making the journey, are also compensated as the players are.

Each player is getting $40,000 for the games over there, but apparently MLB reneged on an agreement back in November that the coaches would also get a stipend for it as well. It is my understanding that the two other times MLB teams made trips over to Japan (Mets-Cubs in 2000 and Yankees-Rays in 2004), the coaches and training staffs were compensated.

Terry Francona found out about it yesterday, and the players likewise found out and held a vote and right now will not play today or get on a plane later today. I also heard that the Oakland A's, who will play the Sox in Tokyo, are watching what happens today in Ft. Myers and may also boycott the trip.

Honest truth, it wouldn't break my heart if the Red Sox don't make the trip. They can just make those games up in Oakland. I support the players on the stand they are taking.

As I write this, no decision has yet been made, as negotiations are still ongoing between the Red Sox and MLB. Stay tuned.

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