Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red Sox Fans Are Better Hot Dog Eaters

Here's a blast from the recent past for my 1,300th post. My buddy Chris just posted this clip on YouTube, and it's from YES' "Ultimate Road Trip" show, about four Yankees fans who follow the team and go to every game. Before the Red Sox-Yankees game of May 27, 2005, a challenge was settled between the Road Trippers and Red Sox Nation outside of Yankee Stadium. Dave of the Road Trippers took on Charles, a friend of mine and Chris'. I was present for it, as I was leading the cheers behind Charles. (I'm wearing a road Sox jersey.) I gathered up some Red Sox fans who were going to that night's game, and we formed a rooting section. (Notice there's one Yankee fan wearing a "Who's Your Daddy" anti-Red Sox shirt. In 2005. I guess he forgot what happened the previous October.)

It was no contest, as Charles won easily. But the price the Road Trippers had to pay was that they ALL had to wear a Red Sox shirt into the ballpark for the entire game. (If Charles had lost, he had to wear a Yankee shirt at the game.)But three of the four totally wimped out and refused to do it. Finally, Dave agreed to do it, and had fun in being an "ersatz" Red Sox fan. (I give Dave, who was really a nice guy, credit for doing that. He's actually funny in his mocking. But the other three nearly killed the episode.)

The clip runs for over seven minutes. My thanks to Chris for posting it.

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