Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spam Vultures

One of the best World Trade Center memorial sites on the Internet is "September 11, 2001 Victims," a site that was founded right after the terror attacks of that horrific day. It is run by a nice man named Alex Spektor, and I've had the pleasure of speaking to him and exchanging emails with him on a few occasions. He's done a fabulous job with the site, and there's a link to it in my "September 11" section. (And here if you'd like to check it out:

I periodically check on the site to see the remembrances left there. (My poem and memorial for my late friend Joyce is there on her profile.) Recently I discovered in their "recent comments" section that some spammers have been trying to leave their junk at the profile of a September 11 victim named Richard Blood. I noticed one day they tried to leave about three separate "remembrances" that were nothing more than ads for viagra, xanax, diet pills and other stuff. I went back to check and they've been doing this for the last few weeks. At least three or four times a day (and as many as eight some days) they attempt to leave their crappy nonsense on this poor man's profile, which is suppose to be for those people who knew him or want to leave some words of condolence for Mr. Blood's family.

This must be driving the webmaster crazy, as he filters out such nonsense ahead of time so it can be kept off the site. It really makes me angry that some people have absolutely no heart whatsoever and do this kind of thing. Every email they have attempted to leave there has an address, and I've tried to write to them and tell them to knock it off, but every one I sent out got bounced back to me. (Every one was a different address, and probably a phony one too.)

I'm just glad none of their junk can be seen on the site by the general public. Some people just have no conscience, even when it comes to a place to remember those beautiful souls we lost on the worst day in our history.

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