Friday, May 26, 2006

A Simple Solution

I got an interesting email from Dennis McKeon from about the World Trade Center Memorial mess I thought was worth sharing. The Gothamist, a New York-oriented web site, has a "simple solution" to it:

Plans, Plans, and More Plans for Memorial Cost Cutting

This is an interesting idea.
Leave the slurry wall exposed.
Create a nice Memorial Park.
You could add features to this basic idea.
Names of Victims on the Wall
Bring back artifacts. The Facades and the Globe or even the Staircase
This would also solve many of the issues especially the cost.
It would bring the Memorial above ground.
Respect the footprints
Make available access to the Slurry Wall.
Allow for the elimination of the random placement of names.
Allow for the return and display of artifacts.
Give the families 24/7 access to the Memorial.
It would also eliminate the safety and security issues associated with the current plan.
The landscaping of the area could also create a buffer between the park and the surrounding streets.
This could also be done at a fraction of the cost.
Something to think about.

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Michael Leggett said...

The solution is beautiful & simple.

But, political-types, who're into themselves, like more complexity, in tribute to themselves.