Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Manny

Today Manny Ramirez turns 34. In today's New York Daily News, in Susan Miller's "Astrology Zone Today," our beloved Mr. Ramirez is featured as the celebrity birthday. For some odd reason, the Daily News has a different astrologer on their web site, so here is what Ms. Miller wrote about Manny, taken directly from the paper:

Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez grew up in Washington Heights, but only became a U.S. citizen in 2004. A native of the Dominican Republic, Manny has his sign ruler, Mercury, in Gemini with the sun and Saturn. Saturn provides him with the self-discipline to play baseball professionally. Fortunate Venus, the natural ruler of money, falls in Manny's natal sector of finances. In 2005, Manny was the fourth-highest paid player in Major League Baseball. His natal moon in managerial Capricorn reveals that he's a fine money manager. With his progressed moon and Mars in a positive aspect now, look for Manny to have an exceptionally good 2006 season.

Sounds good to me.
Have a great birthday, big guy.

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WelshSoxFan said...

And there, just thought Manny was a great hitter - who knew that some random moon was the reason for his long balls. Absolute nonsense!