Monday, May 01, 2006

Mirabelli Traded Back to The Red Sox

"One of the 25" is back!

I guess the Red Sox found a way to upstage the return of Johnny (Judas) Damon to Fenway tonight. Today the Red Sox re-acquired catcher Doug Mirabelli from the San Diego Padres for catcher Josh Bard, minor league pitcher Cla Meredith and cash. Doug arrives back just in time to catch Tim Wakefield tonight. Rumors went around also that the Yankees were trying to get Mirabelli to try to keep him away from the Red Sox. Here is ESPN's take on the trade: http://

Bard was having a really rough time adjusting to being Wakefield's personal catcher, as he had 4 passed balls last week in Cleveland. I feel badly for Bard, as he was really thrown to the wolves back there, and was showing something of a bat as well. But the Sox knew they needed an experienced catcher to be with Wake. So who better than Doug?

Welcome back Belli!!

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Michael Leggett said...

Not a moment too soon!

All the Bard Passed Balls were costing games.