Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stadium Reviews From Around The World

I received an email from a gentleman named Paul Swaney the other day, and he runs a cool website you might like to check out, "Stadium Journey."

His site has reviewed 1,998 stadiums from around the world, 41 countries in all. This includes every team sport you can think of, from baseball, American football, basketball and hockey, to soccer and even NASCAR. This past season, they reviewed every MLB ballpark, and about half the minor league parks.

Paul sent me the links for all the Red Sox affiliates throughout their minor league system, and of course, the big club. Here they are for your convenience:

Fenway Park:

Here are a few others to check out:
MLB Rankings:
Liverpool FC (Anfield):
Minnesota Vikings (TCF Bank Stadium):
Stadium Journey Main Page:

You can also check out Stadium Journey on Facebook and Twitter.

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