Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jerry Remy Returns For 2014

I honestly thought Jerry Remy would retire from announcing Red Sox games on NESN, due to all the health and personal problems he's gone through over the last few years.

But he announced on Monday that he will return to the booth for the 2014 season.

Remy left last August after his son Jared was charged with murdering his girl friend Jennifer Martel, who is the mother of his daughter. It was the right move for him at the time, as his attention should be focused on the tragedy he and his family are going through.

I am certainly fine with his coming back. It is his and NESN's decision to do so, and I'm sure most fans will be supportive of it, too.

Remy is being very supportive and sensitive to the Martel family, but I was surprised to hear that if his return upset the family that he would walk away from his broadcasting career. He has every right to return, and it's clear by what he said yesterday that needs to come back to the Red Sox to keep his mind occupied and away from the tragedy that has engulfed his family.

Here is a clip from WCVB, who spoke to Remy yesterday.

It will be interesting to see how Remy has changed since last August when he returns. I would bet some of the "frivolity" may be gone. But baseball is his life. Broadcasting is his life. I hope a return can be therapeutic for him.

I'm actually glad to hear Jerry Remy will be back in the NESN booth. I hope he and his family, along with the Martel family, can find some peace eventually through this trying time in their lives.

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