Friday, January 31, 2014

A Reminder From The Distant Past On 42nd & 5th

I was crossing 42nd Street on 5th Avenue in Manhattan yesterday, on what was a cold day in the big city. Right the middle of the street I looked over at the corner, and I couldn't believe my eyes as to who was about to cross the street in the opposite direction.

None other than legendary Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

No, I didn't yell any obscenities or throw anything at him. Or pull out my iPhone and snap a picture of him.  I really didn't have time to do any of these things. I was literally in the middle of the street with the light changing. Oh the missed opportunity...

He was busy chatting away with another person, and didn't notice the Red Sox hat or scarf I was wearing. If he looked right at me he couldn't have missed them.

I have to admit I smiled as he walked past me. I couldn't help but think how far the Red Sox had come since his Reign of Terror ended in October of 2012.

That season seems like it was 20 years ago, doesn't it? How would I react if I actually met Bobby Valentine in a social setting? I'd probably be gracious, and then slip into the conversation that I am a Red Sox fan. I bet his reaction would be priceless.

And in much better news, I got the word this morning that I will be going up to Fenway Park to see the championship flag raising and ring ceremony on Opening Day on April 4th with the BLOHARDS on their annual trip up to Boston.

Absolutely, positively, can't wait.

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