Tuesday, January 08, 2013

They Call Alabama The Crimson Tide. And The Champions, Too.

Well, there was no doubt who the best college football team in the land was on Monday night. It sure as hell wasn't Notre Dame.

Alabama completely and totally outplayed the Fighting Irish in all phases of the game, and walked away with an easy 42-14 win.

The Crimson Tide made it look really easy, scoring TDs on their first three possessions. It was 28-0 at halftime, and it was all over. I really thought Notre Dame would give Alabama more of a fight. It was simply a case of Men vs. Boys.

It was by far and way the Irish's worst game of the year. The tackling was terrible, and Alabama got the running game going and simply dominated. The Irish had not allowed a TD drive of 80 or more yards all season. The Crimson Tide had FOUR 80-yards or more TD drives on the night.

Notre Dame scored both TDs when they didn't matter much, just to make the score a little more respectable. Everett Golson threw them both. But I do give him a little bit of credit. At least he handles himself as a professional. That can't be said of A.J. McCarron, the Alabama QB, who got into a pushing match with center Barrett Jones deep into garbage time in the fourth quarter when they disagreed on a play being called. McCarron's hissy fit looked really stupid, and definitely showed his teammate up before a national audience.

Anyway, it was Alabama's second straight title, and third in four years. My congratulations to them on their title.

I am very disappointed with the conclusion of this Notre Dame season, but I am VERY proud of them, as the Fighting Irish had a wonderful season, winning 12 straight in the regular season. With thanks to Brian Kelly, Manti Te'o and the entire team. It was a wonderful ride in 2012. Looking forward to next season.

I'm a Fighting Irish fan forever.

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