Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Race For The Number One Draft Pick Is On

The Vikings and their defense were taken out to the woodshed today by the playoff-bound New Orleans Saints, 42-20 at the Metrodome.

Drew Brees threw for 412 yards and five touchdowns, while Christian Ponder had a tough day against the Saints. He still shows a lot of promise, but he missed a lot of open receivers and threw another interception. The Vikings defense was simply a horror show, allowing 570 yards to the Saints.

Ponder threw two TDs to Toby Gerhart, and that's about the only good news I can say about the Vikes today. Adrian Peterson rushed for 60 yards in 10 carries on his return from injury.

Indianapolis got their first win of 2011, and St. Louis lost to Cincinnati, so the Colts are now 1-13, and the Vikes and Rams are both 2-12. All that remains for the Vikings this season is where they will draft in April: first, second or third. (I will NEVER root against the Vikings when it comes to getting a higher draft pick. They are my team, and always have my support.)

A loss next week to Washington and the Vikings will tie the 1984 team with their 13th loss of 2011.

It can't end quick enough.

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