Friday, December 02, 2011

Nice Touch By Bobby V

The fact that Bobby Valentine chose number 25 might have rubbed a few Red Sox fans the wrong way, as it was the number worn by the late Tony Conigliaro, and many feel that number should be retired.

An interesting article by Ron Borges in the Boston Herald tells a story that Valentine told about having been Tony C's roommate at San Diego in 1976 when he tried to make a comeback there after retiring from the Red Sox in 1975. (I never knew Tony tried to make a comeback after leaving the Sox for good in '75.)

Valentine also reached out to Mike Lowell, who last wore the number 25 as well. He gave Valentine his blessing. Nice to see Bobby V discuss what for many is really emotional subject.

In other news, a probe of forgeries is underway of many of Babe Ruth's autographs, and it has the blessing of his family. My friend Pete Nash has more on his great site, Hauls of Shame.

And, the 11th annual Winterball Baseball game will take place tomorrow, December 3rd, at Maplewood Park, in Malden MA, beginning with batting practice at 10 AM. It is to benefit Toys For Tots and US Marine Corps, and it is hosted by the Boston Amateur Baseball Network.

Maplewood Park is at 99 Crystal Street, and it will feature the Young Bucks taking on the Aging Stallions in a nine-inning game. Here's more from past years of the event.

So what if the temperatures are in the 30s on Saturday? Play ball!

UPDATE (12/3): My buddy Jere has an interesting post on his blog that it looks like Bobby Valentine might very well have been mixing up Tony Conigliaro with Joe Pepitone. Check it out.

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