Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Long Until Pitchers & Catchers Again?

A truly dreadful night for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. A thoroughly awful 39-10 loss to the Chicago Bears. They are now 1-5 and on the road to nowhere.

But we had a glimpse at the future in the 4th quarter, as Christian Ponder came in, in relief of Donovan McNabb. Ponder was 9-for-17 for 99 yards. But I liked what I saw, as the rookie showed some good mobility, a strong arm and good poise.

The Vikings take on undefeated Green Bay at the Metrodome next week.

Might as well play for 2012 and give Ponder his first start.

BTW, it's 121 days until Spring Training begins, as you can see in my Countdown Clock above this post.

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