Friday, February 04, 2011

Whatever Happened To This Commercial?

Last August I did a commercial for AT&T with about 200 other extras on Staten Island, at the Yankees single A affiliate ballpark. It was a commercial that featured two Yankee players: the newly-retired Andy Pettitte, and Nick Swisher.

I had to pose as a Yankee fan, which was a humiliating experience to say the least, but a job is a job. (I wore my 2004 World Champions shirt underneath my regular shirt, and I surprised some of my background actor friends after the shoot by showing them they had a spy in their presence the whole day.)

The shoot was actually pretty cool, and Swisher was friendly to everyone he came in contact with. Waived to all the fans, signed autographs, and had a great time it seemed. (Pettitte didn't seem as enamored with the process.)

With Pettitte retiring on Friday, it got me to thinking about that commercial again. It was filmed just about six months ago (it was August 5th) and I have never seen it anywhere. It looked like a high profile thing, and there was even a second commercial filming after the one I was a part of at the park, a Nike commercial with Robinson Cano (which I have seen a number of times).

I did some checking at YouTube, but only found this clip taken by a fellow actor, with scenes of the filming (and no, I don't turn up in any of them):

It makes me wonder if AT&T canned the commercial.

Well, at least I got paid for it.

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