Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm Proud

Yes, I am tonight. Why?

Because on Sunday afternoon, I did not watch one single, solitary second of that Super Bowl pregame show. (Didn't it start at 6 AM or something?) I turned on the game just as the kickoff happened, so I missed Christina Aguilera butchering the National Anthem.

I also did not watch one single, solitary second of that miserable halftime show. I instead watched one of my favorite "Married With Children" episodes on my DVR, when Al Bundy (pictured) is visited by aliens and saves the world. (Unless somehow they can find a way to get the Beatles back together on a stage, I pass on the halftime show.)

I am also very proud because I did not watch one single, solitary commercial while the game was on. It made me appreciate the fact that when God invented television, He had the foresight to include remote controls as well. Hell, 75% of those commercials will never be seen again, so why bother watching them?

BTW, if you had said to me back in August that an NFC North team would win the Super Bowl this year...OK, I'll stop torturing myself.

Bring on The Truck on Tuesday.


Peter N said...

Believe it or not, John, the pregame on Fox started at 2pm!! I watched nary a second.

Kurt Smith said...

I've got you beat John...didn't even watch the game until the last 10 minutes.