Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Comic Legends Leave Us

The weather's better here in New York, and it was an amazing 62 degrees yesterday, and it will be close to that again today. (And 34 degrees with snow showers on Tuesday. Winter ain't done yet.)

The position players are now in camp, and the first spring training games are still two weeks from tomorrow. Nothing earth shaking to report. Most baseball news of any kind of import seem to center around the Mets financial problems and Albert Pujols' outrageous contract demands. (Does he really think anyone is going to pony up $300 million for 10 years? The Red Sox and Yankees both have first basemen, Mr. Poo Holes.)

Sad week for celebrity passings, as we lost both Franz Liebkind and Uncle Leo.

My sympathies to the families and fans of both Kenneth Mars and Len Lesser.

Thanks for the laughs, gentlemen.

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