Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Joining the iPod World

This past Christmas, I finally joined the world of iPod, as I received an iPod Nano from Mr. Claus. I'm really loving it, but it also has caused a few difficulties along the way.

My brother-in-law was over on Christmas Day and we attempted to get the iPod up and rolling. But my computer was pretty ancient, as I got it in 2002. (I got it the same weekend Derek Lowe pitched his no-hitter at Fenway. I've always connected the two.) We discovered that my computer just didn't have the memory to handle iTunes, so we attempted to download some software to make it happen. But it still didn't happen, and when I attempted to rid my computer of the stuff I downloaded, it literally killed my computer. I took that as a sign to get a new one, and I hope to close that deal soon.

Last Sunday, I was at Professor Thom's for the football, and brought about 50 CDs to get the iPod up and going. It took me nearly five hours to download all the songs into their iTunes, but it sure was worth it. (I wound up listening to most of the Vikings game.) I brought along a lot of the "best of" CDs I have so I can most of the hits on it. I brought along most of my favorite artists, like The Beatles, The Doors, Dire Straits, The Who, Steely Dan and CCR. But I've also some of my more diverse favorites, like James Brown, Larry Carlton, Sade, Frank Sinatra and Down to the Bone. And I've also got my two favorite jazz artists, Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck on the iPod as well.

The iPod Nano is extremely compact and weighs next to nothing. It's heaven for a music freak like me.

I'll have to redo the whole thing once I get my new computer and get iTunes downloaded, but until that happens, I can retire the old Walkman and join the 21st Century.

At last.

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