Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bad News For Vikings: Both Williams Sit

The Vikings got some really bad news on Tuesday, as Pro Bowl defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams (no relation) were both suspended for four games for violating the NFL drug policy, as they and four other players tested positive for diuretics, a weight loss agent that can also mask the use of steroids.

They and the other four players, Charles Grant, Deuce McAllister, and Will Smith of the Saints and Bryan Pittman of the Texans, will begin the suspensions immediately. All six plan to file injunctions in court in an attempt to keep playing, but that appears to be a longshot at best.

At issue is the presence of Bumetanide, which on the NFL's banned list, and it comes from a weight loss supplement called StarCaps. It's not listed as an ingredient on its label. But the NFL let all clubs know about StarCaps two years ago. So this works against the players in question, and it appears that the Williams boys will have to sit for the rest of the regular season.

This will hit the Vikings hard, as it takes away the middle of their defensive line. The Vikings are second in the NFL in run defense, and have three tough games against possible playoff teams to wrap up their regular season. It will be a real test if they can overcome their loss.

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