Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boras Sells Tex to The Dark Side

Like that scene in the movie "The Devil's Advocate" where Satan (Al Pacino) brings a respectable lawyer (Keanu Reeves) over to the Dark Side, the Forces of Evil claimed another victim today, as it appears that Mark Teixeira will sign an eight-year, $180 million deal with the Yankees.

To me, it sounds like his agent, The "real" Devil Incarnate (Scott Boras), was simply looking to get New York into the bidding, as it looked like the Red Sox weren't going to budge on their best offer, and the offers from Washington and Baltimore weren't going to approach even the Red Sox offer. And the Angels had enough the other day and kissed Teixeira goodbye.

Teixeira simply isn't worthy enough in my opinion for that kind of deal, and I was a bit uncomfortable what it would do to the Red Sox bringing him on board. On the bright side, it keeps Mike Lowell in Boston, and now a bidding war could begin on Manny Ramirez between the Dodgers and Angels. At least we won't see him in pinstripes. (Although the Angels said today that they have no interest in Ramirez. Sounds like the Dodgers maybe his only landing spot. But could the Mets make him an offer? Minaya has always been fascinated by him.)

It will now be very interesting to see the next move the Red Sox make in regard to this signing. You can bet Theo Epstein is working on that right now.

The Bronx Bastards continue their drunken spending, and earlier this month they had the gall to ask the Milwaukee Brewers to pick up most of Mike Cameron's contract for 2009 (it killed that deal), and worse, the city of New York for more than $200 million in untaxable bonds for that new dump they are opening next year. Makes me HATE them more than ever.

I can't say I'm thrilled to see Teixeira go to New York. It makes the Yankees a better offensive team, but it certainly doesn't put them ahead of the Red Sox. They let Giambalco and Abreu go, two of their best hitters, and replaced them with Teixeira. I don't see where they are now head and shoulders better than the Sox, either pitching or offense-wise (but NY certainly is worse defensively, even with Tex).

And I'm sure we'll have the inevitable press conference where Teixeira will say it's "his life's dream to play for the Yankees," the same bullshit we heard from A. J. Burnett last week.

If he'd just say something like "I sold my soul to highest bidder" I'd have more respect for him.


Peter N said...

$440 million for THREE players. Wow.

Hello to you, JQ.

Peter N said...

Is Manny next?????

The Omnipotent Q said...

No, Manny will either sign with the Dodgers or Angels. Dodgers is my best guess right now.

Michael Macomber said...

This really does suck. I have to say I wasn't a fan of dumping Lowell for Texeira. But...I don't think you can say that the Sox can compete with the Yanks offensively, its close, but with this signing the Yanks have the edge. The Sox are a good team, but they need to do something this off-season, standing pat is not an option. I suppose we will here quite a bit from the NY media about a 162-0 season. ugh.

The Omnipotent Q said...

162-0? That's a joke, and I remember hearing that when they got Slappy. (How many titles has brought to NY so far?) MFY lost Giambi and Abreu and added Texeira. I don't see how it puts them above the Sox. Plus the Red Sox have to address their catching situation. The word on Lowell is positive so far this offseason.

I fully expect to hear all that "they swindled the Sox" crap. Year, really worked out well with Slappy, Damon and Contreras. Brought collectively no titles to NY.

I'm a little disappointed, but I am certainly not devastated, and concede the Yankees NOTHING.