Friday, February 29, 2008

Words To Live By

A few weeks ago, I decided to put up a section right above the countdown clock called "Words to Live By." I was watching the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" (a great film), when I heard the line from Andy Dufresne to his buddy Red in a letter he left him under a tree about "hope being a good thing." I have always been a fan of quotes and quotations, so I decided to leave Andy's hope quote on my blog.

Since then, I have put new quotes in there every few days. The quotes are about anything, including baseball. I have been changing them randomly. The quote up there now is the famous speech James Earl Jones makes to Kevin Costner in "Field of Dreams" about why he should not sell his farm. I got to thinking last night, with spring training baseball just under way, why not put up the clip on YouTube from the movie?

So, here it is. In honor of the Red Sox first spring training game (against MLB competition), here is all 43 seconds of it.

A nice warm thought on a cold, Leap Day in February.


SoSock said...

Maybe my favorite movie ever, although I'm VERY relunctant to ever name a single "favorite" anything at my age. There have been quite a few good ones. I know almost every line, and still can't resist stopping to watch, at least for a while, when I happen across it channel surfing.
Baseball is definitely disproportionately represented in my favorite movies list - Field of Dreams and Bull Durham both in my top 10, and that's saying something when you consider how comparatively rare baseball movies are.

The Omnipotent Q said...

It's a movie that always brings a tear to my eye. It ALWAYS ropes me in when I channel surf as well...