Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sox Invade 1600 Pennsylvania Av. Wednesday

Just some odds and ends today. This morning, we got our 80,000th visitor to The Mighty Quinn Media Machine since I added the Site Meter back in April 2006. That person was from Burnsville, Minnesota and found the site through a Google search of Adrian Peterson's winning the Pro Bowl MVP award. The person was obviously a Vikings fan. (I was in Burnsville, Minnesota back in 1999 when I saw both the Vikings and Twins play at the Metrodome, and it is a suburb of Minneapolis.)

Once again, I thank all of you who come here, especially those who come here regularly. We've been getting 150-200 hits daily on a pretty regular basis. It's very much appreciated.

I saw at a web site called The Biz of Baseball (thanks to them for that cool photo I have here) that it was announced today that the Red Sox will be meeting with President Bush on Wednesday, February 27, at 3 PM, in the annual visit of baseball's World Series champions to the White House. Of course, they met with him back in March 2005 to celebrate their 2004 title.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Red Sox were able to pay a visit to John McCain, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton at the same address this same time next year?

The Red Sox confirmed that Manny Ramirez has switched agents, and he is now represented by the Devil Incarnate himself: Scott Boras. He becomes the seventh Red Sox player who have him as an agent, joining J.D. Drew, Alex Cora, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jason Varitek, Julian Tavarez and Jacoby Ellsbury. This is Manny's last year under the eight-year deal he signed in 2001, but the Red Sox still hold two option years for $20 million they will probably exercise, barring some unforseen circumstance. So, as much as it's never good news to see Boras reaching his tentacles into players like Manny, there's no concern for a couple of years at least.

I see that an 11-year-old boy claims to have taken a picture of Roger Clemens at that now-infamous BBQ that Jose Canseco threw in 1998, the one Clemens swore under oath he was not at. The boy's father saw the way Congress roasted Brian McNamee, and decided to come forward with the pic and turned it over to the investigators.

And now that horse's ass of a lawyer that Clemens has, Rusty Hardin, yesterday conceded that Clemens just might have been present at the barbeque.

Now, it's just a matter of when The Texas Con Man will be indicted for perjury, not if.

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Michael Leggett said...

Ahhh, but may "The Dayton Doughnut" be eaten alive.