Thursday, February 07, 2008

Schilling Out For 2008?

It was revealed today that the shoulder woes that shut Curt Schilling down for nearly two months in 2007 has resurfaced again, and it sounds like it might be a lot more serious than what ailed him last season.

It sounds like for sure he won't be ready for Spring Training, and right now Schilling and the team are in a dispute over whether he should have surgery for a possible torn rotator cuff. It is now also rumored the club attempted to void his $8 million deal for 2008 over his troubled shoulder.

Schilling saw the doctor who did surgery on his shoulder back in 1995, but he was not speaking publicly about it. Surgery was kill the 2008 season for him, and it might just be the end of his career as well. He just turned 41, and you have to wonder how much he could have left if he undergoes the knife.

If Schilling is out for any extended period, this might open the door wide open for Clay Buchholz. We will see what happens. 38Pitches should be interesting reading over the next few weeks.

Here is the Boston Globe's story about it:


Peter N said...

John, what were those..spam? With word verification?? I'm glad I've never seen them at my place. Had to get that off my chest. And what do you know? 2008 will thrust Clay Buchholz into a huge spotlight. I think he can do it, too!

The Omnipotent Q said...

I don't know how that jackass got past my word verification, but he has been erased. I don't tolerate that BS on my site.

I don't see Schilling's injury as a great disaster for the Sox, just a big opportunity for Clay Buchholz...