Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adam Jasinski Is a Big Fat Idiot (& a Braindead Nitwit)

I picked up this morning's NY Daily News and I read a story about some guy who is on the reality show "Big Brother" who made an incredibly lame and offensive comment on the show about autistic children.

Apparently, Adam Jasinski, who allegedly works with autistic children, said, "I want to open a hair salon for kids with special needs so the retards can get it together and get their hair done." When one of his "housemates" rightly called him out on such a remark, this jackass defended it by saying, "Disabled kids, I can call them whatever I want, okay? I work with them all day. I'm not saying anything offensive...I bust my ass to help these special needs children!"

I just thank God the overwhelming majority of people who really do work with autistic children don't have this asshole's attitude.

As many of you know, I have two nephews who have been touched by autism. They are beautiful boys, and I love them very much. I can't begin to say how offended I am by this cretin's crap. Autistic children are not "retards." An Autism advocacy group has demanded this show be cancelled because of this remark, but CBS won't do that, because the show makes money for them. They distanced themselves from what this moron said, but it rightly has many people angry.

Jasinski allegedly runs a non-profit organization called United Autism Foundation, but the Daily News says that its web site says little about autism and just has pictures of this guy mugging for the camera. And apparently the foundation also doesn't show up with the Better Business Bureau or the IRS' databases of charities. This guy sounds like some sort of scam artist to me.

Here is his email address, from his web site, if you'd like to let him know how you feel about his thoughtless nonsense. (I sent him a few pointed words this morning): adam@bb9adam.com

I have called sports talk radio and the Grammy Awards both "a haven for braindead nitwits" but I think reality TV shows also fall into that category. I stay away from that genre of TV altogether (the only "reality TV" I watch is sports), as it attracts assholes like Jasinski who are so desperate for attention and will do ANYTHING to get on television. I'd rather watch mindless sitcoms than watch these reality "stars" acting like the stuck-up douchebags they really are. (Jasinski told a radio interviewer earlier this year: “I am an alpha male. I’m pretty much self-centered. I love myself.” What a shock, eh?)

Jasinski himself hasn't apologized to the families of autistic children, and I don't expect him to.

It would require too much thought and sensitivity for a braindead nitwit like him to do something like that.


Unknown said...

Thans John. I heard about this from Autism Speaks, the Autism Foundation that I belong to. This guy is an ass. Thank God I have never encountered someone like him in the course of Joseph's education. If this guy really worked with autistic children he would know that the majority of them are not mentally retarded. I have never watched the show and obviously I never will. Thanks for getting this out there.

The Omnipotent Q said...

My pleasure, T.

I hope CBS fires this guy, but I wouldn't even bet on that happening.