Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shout Outs

Wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate my friends at The Fresh Air Fund for a very successful summer they just had.

This past year they teamed with OneSight, and they screened about 3,000 kids and made sure they had good optical care. They gave them free eye exams and eyewear. Nice job guys.

The Fresh Air Fund has always done great work every year with kids who are less fortunate, and I'm proud to help them out on my site. They have a new updated site that explains their mission. Check it out here.

I had a great night of Trivia last night at Thom's with a group of students from NYU. We did something similar last year, and once again, everyone had a great time. I pulled out some of my best past trivia questions and we had eight teams compete. My thanks to Marissa, Dave and everyone else who came out last night.

And of course, we have our regular night of Trivia tonight at Thom's at 9 PM. And no, there won't be any questions tonight that I did last night!

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